ACTMindfully for resources about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, including audio and video files for learning mindfulness.

Australian Association for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for CBT resources.

BeyondBlue has information and help for depression and anxiety.

Black Dog Institute has important information for mood disorders.

Centre for Clinical Interventions has many evidence-based, self-help CBT resources for many different areas of concern, including perfectionism.

Growth Mindset to gain an understanding in how a growth mindset can help students develop their abilities and confidence. Brainology is a helpful program for those who struggle with perfectionism.

Headspace is a great website with lots of meditation and mindfulness exercises for people interested in learning techniques to calm and still the busy mind. There is an excellent section on the science of mindfulness.

Head to Health can help you find the right Australian digital mental health and wellbeing resources, for yourself or for someone you care about.

Just Ask Us is portal for tertiary students to seek help and information about mental health, alcohol and other drug problems.

ReachOut provides a great platform for young people to find out more information about many different topics, related to mental health and other pertinent areas.

Schema Therapy to gain insight into this comprehensive and evidence based therapy. Beneficial for those desiring a deeper understanding of unhelpful life or relationship patterns. An excellent approach for creating life changes.

Self-Compassion is a website with information about limiting self-criticism, as well as, provides videos, guided meditations, and other exercises for self-compassion and emotional resilience.


ACPA - Find A Clinical Psychologist is a referral service by the Australian Clinical Psychology Association. You can use this to search for registered psychologists with accredited post-graduate qualifications in clinical psychology.

APS - Find A Psychologist is a referral service by the Australian Psychological Society. You can use this to search for registered psychologists.